Well, this is the creation of a computer science geek and you might find a lot of programming related stuff in here. But firstly, do you think programming is weird? If not, let’s change your mind:

Me: Will you be my Valentine?

Girl: No way!

Me: sudo Will you be my Valentine?

Girl: Yes…yes…yes! Let’s go!

I guess that enlightens you a bit! So, this is why I find programming very strange yet exciting at the same time. You never know what it can do. This has been one of the reasons that I have developed this sort-of passion for this field and always find something that blows off my mind!

You must have heard of Google Summer of Code, popularly known as GSoC, from maybe one of your friends who just cracked it or from a session at your university talking about the same and that’s why you’re probably here!

Are you curious to know about what Google Summer of Code is? What does the selection process look like? What is the fool-proof way to get your application accepted? And what does it feel like to be a Google Summer of Code student? Don’t worry! This is the place to be.

What you really need to do is shoot off to the blog section and feel the frustration of not understanding where to start, happiness on getting your first PR merged, competitiveness of being better than the rest, tension when someone’s performing better than you, nervousness while drafting a proposal, eagerness to see the result and the elation on getting selected!

I created this place to express my journey of being a Google Summer of Code student at OpenMRS. It feels great to share my experience and the challenges faced along the way with you, because why not? Thanks for visiting!