The eighth week of the coding period for GSoC'20 began on 20th July and ends today i.e. 26th July. This week also marks the end of the second phase of the coding period and the student/mentor evaluations will open tomorrow and are due by Friday i.e. 31st July. This week I worked on completing the _include feature implementation along with finding the right approach for _revinclude implementation, both of which are complete without any major blockers faced.

The week in fact went by pretty smoothly, also involving a couple of interesting conversations with my mentor, Ian Bacher. There were a few things regarding the code base that were not really known to me and the convo shed light on them, enhancing my knowledge of the same. I also found a small bug in the code while thinking about the _revinclude implementation, wherein the parameters were being added to the SearchParameterMap without being checked for null. This was also not getting caught by the unit tests, thus making it tougher to identify. I fixed the same and avoided issues that could trouble us at a later stage.

Tickets worked on during Week 8

Since the FHIR v2 module is going to be released soon, there are no additional feature commits being done on it for now and will be taken up only after the release. Therefore, my _include pull requests are still not created, though the work is complete for the tickets mentioned. I worked on five issues this week including one on _revinclude and the JIRA tickets for them are as follows:

Plan for Week 9

The tasks for the next week include implementing _revinclude for all the resources and I hope to finish it by the end of the week. During week 8, I was able to finalize the approach for _revinclude and integrate it with _include which helped in avoiding a completely different implementation for the same. I'll continue on that and work on implemenation of the feature for different resources now.

The JIRA tickets for the issues I'll work on are:

Have a good day! Hope to get through the evaluation and see you next week...